Slippery Jacks

Are they safe to eat?
Enormous! Gigantic! Huge! yet  it cannot be consumed!

Published by M-o-t-h-e-r-s

Hi, I'm Zienna, a stay-at-home wife, a mother to my five beautiful and energetic bunch. Each of us follow a different path in life. I questioned what I will be in the future and even in my next life. 'Que sera, sera,' my mother used to say. Years came and went by, and I have the life I've chosen: M-O-T-H-E-R-S (motivators, one-in- a-million, teacher, home-keeper,earth saver, resourceful, super-mum). We are mothers, we can do the multitasking any time any day. I love everything about life. Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Reading, Story Telling. If you're looking for a shoulder to cry on, you've got me. I'll be crying with you, for as long as you brought me some Chinese, Turkish, Thai, Malaysian, Indian and Greek foods..We can chat all day (just kidding). Come along! So which one are you?

Morning, noon and night time you can pass me a line:)

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